This page is just opening, and waiting for transfer of pictures.    unfortunately 6 swords got away without
having pictures taken for lack of camera batteries at the time.  
Bear with us, and all future swords will get pictures taken.
On this page you will find a variety of swords,  most have been made for fun in our spare time.  There are some
that have been collected from friends during their travels, and others have been acquired as payment for debts.  
My Father used to make machete's and trimming
knives when I was a kid.  I have a couple of those
items, and keep them as reference.
The Cardinals Sword
this one has a hidden knife in
the hilt that pulls out by
grasping the knob. it is held in
by pressure
39" overall length
the walking stick
this is a flattened rod sword
used for stabbing things or
keeping things at a distance
while remaining innocent
when not withdrawn
The destroyer
curved and jagged in design
is intended as a threat to
intimidate an opponent.  It has
a unique comfortable balance
42" overall length
The lord of the Rings
48" overall length
The Ivory Samurai Sword
46" overall length
The Signature Ninja Sword
The Antique Short
Turkish Sword
the jewels had been stolen
before it was recovered.  
my intent is to replace
them with crystals and
rebuild the hilt knob
27" overall length
The Hobbit Flatblade
The Practice Sword
made as a balanced weight to
develop arm strength and
agility with a heavy sword
The  UR
FCB decorative
The Knights Long Sword
42" overall length
The Pig Sticker Sword
perfect for roasting things
over a fire while you're
41" overall length
The Pirates Sword
My Dad's Machete
Roberts Favorite Sword
I made a larger one for a friend of mine,
Furley Noel, who is a mountain man.  Then I
made this moderate sized one for myself to
mount on the fireplace mantle
42" overall length
The swords that I make can be plated or finished further than they are now. Mostly, I have made them as
sample shapes I was curious about.   
That said, you can assume that the metal is not tempered or forged, just shaped and sharpened.
However; Several of the Samurai Swords are the real thing, extremely sharp, flexible, and strong.

Mine are designs that can definitely be finished to a level that will look good on a wall or in a movie, and up
till now they have simply  been something fun to play with.  The Fencing Sword is definitely fun to pick
flowers with as it is extremely sharp, light, and accurate.
Maybe one of these days we will fire up the kiln, take some steel, and fold a few bars to see what happens
when we want more than the design  itself.
Send a sketch of something you would like made, or make an offer on one already made.
4" Copper Stars
I'm not sure about the legality
of these items, but they are
fun to throw and can be
deadly.  a tree at 50 feet can
easily be struck and
penetrated at least 3/4 inch
with very little effort
The Fencing Sword
36" overall length
a sample collection  
The Cardinal's second Sword
Talon's Longblade
white leather handle with knuckle guard
sheath is laminated, stained maple
made for a taller person
overall length is 48"
the butchers Axe
The Swing Pike Axe
The Curved Head Lopper
My Dad's Saw Machete
My Dad's Pirate Blade
from 1967
Kathy's Sword
41" overall length
Mikes Long Sword
green wire wrapped handle
with brass
41" overall length