structural  Gallery
Certified welding to meet Charpy Notch requirements necessary for all school, government, and public buildings.  
unlimited thickness all position full  penetration welds, moment frame welding, tilt up panel connections..etc.
Canopies for gas stations,
equipment storage, or parking lots.

Metal decking is not a problem,
and can be welded or attached
with industrial tec screws
Trash Gates  made with heavy angle iron frame and metal decking.
we prefer to use our custom made
hinges that we guarantee for the lifetime of the gate.  these very simple age old
style of pipe hinges never require lubrication or maintenance and can be made to any configuration.

we also recommend our
custom designed heavy duty drop rods that are pre-assembled and can be fit with locking
tabs as needed.  they are easy to use, lock in an up position and have a 12" adjustable drop.
please bear with us as we build this site.
pics shown are only a brief introduction to work we have done.
lots of work has been omitted or done prior to this website and not
yet in digital format.
We are experienced and qualified for working at
elevations  up to 4 stories so far.
Robert and Matt are both like squirrels in trees, and
very comfortable working at heights.
custom trusses
for barns, lofts,
shade structures
Specialty Towers for "Roy Toms Plaza" in Colfax for the Railroad exhibit park
built for the 2003 Founders Day celebration.
each tower has a 6" diameter by 36" bell chime built into the structure so people can
sit on the incorporated bench design and ring the bell...which sounds like the old
fashioned railroad engine bell.    
Handicap Ramp & Rails
Check out the detail work on these handrails.  We built the entire ramp to flawless perfection for Goethe High School in
Pipe Railing
these were measured, detailed, fabricated, and installed in less than 3 days for the governors inspection tour of the Boys
Detention Center south of Sacramento.  We were called on an emergency basis Friday afternoon and asked to work
around the clock so the visitation area could open on schedule.   We were done Monday afternoon.

Pipe Railing is a favorite for us.  Sometimes it can be tricky, and maybe expensive...but quality piperail is worth getting
someone who knows how to build it right.
Electric Double Gates
these open in, uphill, and match
the slope of the grade when left
They can operate from solar
panels, or from a dedicated
electrical source.
Pipe Rail comes in all
different types of styles.
single, double, triple,
4-8 rails,
pipe with pickets,
hot dip galvanized
powdercoated, or painted
it should be noted that hot dip galvanized railings should not be they will tend to chip easier.
they should be galvanized, etched, prime painted, and then painted with an acrylic enamel finish.

pre-galvanized pipe, on the other hand, may be powdercoated...because it is electrocoated, not hot dipped.
Gates with PANIC HARDWARE  need some
consideration and additional design elements to
support the hardware.
panic hardware can be very expensive, or it can
be depends on the type requested
Von Duprin hardware ranges from $500 and
up just for the hardware alone.(shown left)
with plexiglas security
Jansen hardware starts at $150 (shown right)
with expanded metal security
install labor generally takes several hours, and
should be done by someone experienced.
Wide Flange Framing inside another building, above heating and lighting fixtures, guy
wires, an open pit in the floor beneath.  installed with no damage to existing structure
Removable Pipe Bollards
South Placer Municipal District :
interior steel trusses & matching
exterior  shade cover designed
by us to fit their theme