Sculpture Gallery
The Red Dragon 2008     $ 9,500 open bid                                   Click on picture to see detail, and airbrush detail
is approximately 90" tall and made from 1/8" thick steel plate cut into individual scales, primed with galvacon rust protection,
then airbrushed with laquer and clearcoated.  it almost appears to be made of plastic, but that is because it has been polished
prior to multiple coats of color.  
the dragon weighs about 400 pounds and can be easily moved on or off this post with a hidden eyelet in one of the top head
scales.  it can be crated and shipped easily with no fear of damage and then lifted again onto another post.  3 men can carry it,
or it can be moved with a forklift.
we designed it to climb a post and still fit inside a building to be used as a menu display item for commercial addition to
where it currently sits on top this gate post.

our next dragon is to be a walking Chinese dragon and is currently scheduled for production this spring.
we will gladly make any style dragon you wish, and any size...cost proportionate to size and additional detail requested.
fabrication process pics available upon
request.  we started with the head, hands,
and backbone to support the weight, then
built solid scales to form the body.   the
fingers alone are capable of supporting the
entire weight.
The Hourglass  2003
This art in public places donation project is approximately 12 feet tall, made of 1-1/4" std pipe, 1/4" rod, and 1/4" formed plate.
We shipped it to a school, and the students were to complete the installation the following year with a ceramic inner structure
and lighting.   
Our first dragon 1992
Specialty Towers 2003 for "Roy Toms Plaza" in Colfax for the Railroad exhibit park
built for the City Founders Day Celebration.
Each tower has a 6" diameter by 36" bell chime built into the structure so people can
sit on the incorporated bench design and ring the bell...which sounds like the old
fashioned railroad engine bell.    
This type of trellis is free standing and used to enhance shrubs, vines, or topiaries.  they can be used with potted plants on
patios or decks.
Send us a picture you would like translated into a landscape, or suggest a geometric pattern.  fax us a sketch, or email a pic.
These trellises can be folded in half and shipped anywhere.
They are heavy duty and not flimsy like most,  we can make them lighter and more delicate if you like, just ask.  
Tom Ventura's Coat Rack   2004
was made to resemble a street sign to match his business card.
the top box was made to insert a name plaque.
it was given as a gift to Tom for his assistance as a Mortgage Broker
approx 84" tall.
$350   left unfinished for special powdercoat color
A lot of our best work escapes without pictures getting taken  for one reason or
another, perhaps its the excitement of getting it done and installing it, then realizing
it is impossible to get a decent picture once things leave the shop
The Tuscany Window
This unique item is a one of a kind window or wall hanging that adds movement and rustic richness.
It is currently for sale  at  $500
the frame is stained and stressed maple trimmed with an inner perimeter or 5/8" steel tube for
attaching the formed 5/8" square steel bar which has been polished clean of mill scale and left to
age naturally.  
Dimensions are 34" wide x 57" tall
The Grillmaster adjustable grill & smoker BBQ
has an ash drawer in back, removable lower charcoal grate, adjustable 1" flat bar grill with a right side locking crank,
smoker lid and smoke stack, the front counter folds down for storage. there are handles on both ends for hanging
skewers, a bottom storage rack for charcoal.
the grill lowers to within 1" of coal, and raises up 8" above coals.  the grill also pivots to allow stacking of coals.
the lid is adjustable in 3 positions.
the whole BBQ is mounted on ball bearing wheels and can be glided to any location like a grocery cart.
the cooking area is 24" x 36" and can take a full bag of charcoal or a small portion

we cooked 10 tri-tip steaks on its initial firing.  Its sure to make any store bought grill weak by comparison.
this is a heavy duty BBQ that will not wear out.
We Needed a BBQ at the Shop
. . . so we built one
this simple coaster car frame won the Colfax Coaster derby 2
years in a row before we redesigned a newer model that beat it.

we added brakes, wheels, and papermache skin for the kids to paint.  it
was super light, stopped on a dime, and steered like a champ.
Elvis 2007
Custom Post & Beam Framing Brackets
we are currently making individual 3/16" plate
quail silhouettes on 3/16" rod pokers to put on
the ground in a covey.  
they make excellent garden stakes.
buy a covey of 5 birds for $50

a picture will be available shortly