About Us
We are basically a small structural Steel
Fabrication shop.
We challenge any source willing to provide funding...If it can be done,  we want to, and can do it.
There are primarily only two of us plus our helpers, but we do
same amount of work as many larger shops and take pride in what
we produce regardless of the project.   
Robert, the owner, has worked in the steel industry since 1980, started this business in 1986, and is accredited with
degrees in  Structural Engineering, Art,  Education, and a  K-12 teaching credential.
His Clay Sculptures and paintings have won awards in national juried shows.
It was his artistic fluency that first brought him to the steel profession because of his ability to perceive shapes and
draw, but his love for gigantic sculpture is what motivates him most.  Structural Steel provided the opportunity to learn
welding, work with large, heavy objects, and has helped developed a unique insight into different aspects of large
sculpture utilizing steel as a primary medium.
Robert's sculpting expertise also carries over into carving figures or faces in tree trunks, limbs, twigs, or pencils with
anything from a chainsaw to a tiny razor.   
his latest carvings have been stone, mostly large granite boulders.
watercolors are available for purchase and can be viewed at the office or here after the webside is revised again.

If there are enough requests for additional portfolio pics, these may be added at a later date.
Talon Thor Findley, our wizard, is meticulous in his work ethic and strives to keep us all at a level of perfection.  He is the
one who puts all our idea
together and arranges for work to get done.  Talon grew up in the business and has a specific
knowledge of what it takes to get things done.  He is a proficient snow skier and would prefer to be on the slopes
whenever time allows it.
as a note:  FYI
for those people who allow us their patience, a happy attitude, and the time to work at our own pace...we provide
special amenities and a better quality work. in gates, we often give artwork at no cost, or at a reduced rate for being
patient and happy clients.
we would rather provide more for happy understanding people than be at the mercy of people who rush and demand no
time to allow for the quality we prefer to give.
We don't just do more in one day than most people... we just do it better
a few  past Projects & Clients...not all, just a couple I'd like to mention.
Blane Roth of BRCO Constructors in Loomis, Ca. has been a long time supporter of our work on numerous projects,
mostly schools, and government buildings.  Perhaps the all time best contractor we have had the privilege to work
The City of Colfax, Ca. has a set of entry towers for the RoyToms Plaza that I  was allowed to provide as a service
for the community. Pics should be on this site pretty soon.  They were installed with 6" x 36" pipe bells that resemble
the sound of railroad bells for the community to enjoy.
Gary Peach of PNP Construction in Rocklin, Ca. has been a supporter of our work purchasing a Dragon and several
other items.  We are currently in the process of working out designs for a windsail shade structure for his residential
art collection.
Rosemary Hart & Harry Kline of Sierra View Construction in Granite Bay, Ca.  supported us for a few years with
schools, clubhouses, shade structures, and a church dome...until their insurance requirements forced us to raise
our prices.  We appreciated their contribution.
It would have meant raising our prices to everyone else we deal with, and we just couldn't do that.
Myrtle B. Findley, my mother, who has always been a supporter of my work, and has been so influential with the
re-development of this company.
McClellan AFB,  
Sierra Army Depot
Beale AFB
Placer County Water Agency
South Placer Municipal Utilities District
The City of Lincoln, Ca.
The City of Rocklin, Ca.
The City of Loomis, Ca.
Steve & Lisa Ochs of SD Ochs Construction  who have been on many projects with us over the years and have a
great wood framing crew, perhaps the best we have had the pleasure to work with.
Doug Roberts of McCarthy Construction for getting us involved in building shopping centers,
Jims Crane service, Auburn Crane,  and Rons Crane
each of whom we owe a debt of gratitude for their exceptional service and professional reliability.